Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So, I was compelled to make people some dolls for Christmas. Yeah! I am by no means an expert at sewing beyond like .. occasional clothing repairs, but I think they came out pretty okay! Aaand fun to make so there will probably be more.

JENNA DOLL. Is the resemblance not striking.

And for Alexis! This one is not meant to look like her.


  1. Kaley I really really adore these! SO fantastic.

  2. soo amazing!!! i love herbie so much.

  3. these are so great!
    guess what. you bought the dress from which the fabric of the Jena doll's shirt is made of, in Vancouver with Cyril and me! haha. I'm pretty sure anyway...

  4. Oh man! You're totally right. Well spotted!

    I never really did wear that dress...haha.

  5. These are cool! make one of me and I'll build you one of my famous Band-Aid sculptures!