Monday, October 25, 2010

This art update is brought to you by 1996 and the movie "Jumanji"

Alexis posted some swell little kid art, and it prompted me to do the same, because I think it's so great to see. Everybody show me your little kid art! I think I did most of this around the ages of 7 or 8 - clearly at the height of my artistic career.

Maybe one day I'll post this whole book. Written in 3rd grade. It's laminated and everything!

Rare dog breeds I discovered during my explorer years:

From a series of Jumanji fan art illustrations I did:
My future dream home, complete with swan:

From a book of animal facts. I was pretty certain that I could make a career outta this:



  1. these are so great.
    I'm amazed that as a 3rd grader you were determined enough to draw a whole series of Jumanji fan art!

  2. oh, this is Erin. Cyril&I are sharing a computer while his is being repaired and his Google account is so persistent at logging me out!

  3. Kaley, these were great! I remember how much we loved watching Jumanji! And of course you drew a unicorn! We always knew that you were going to be an artist!

  4. closely followed by the spithound. that is amazing. i totally recognized your jumanji guy, too. i loved that movie when i was a kid. i still watch it when its on tv...

  5. also your van pelt kind of looks like steve buschemi.