Friday, November 12, 2010


So I guess I'll post what I've been working on for my thesis project so far.

My thesis is called Suburban Myths. Suburbia is a pretty mundane, isolating environment that leads people to get mindlessly wrapped up in their own repetitive, short-sighted little worlds. It's a lifestyle that values normalcy and keeping up appearances. For my project I am doing a series of illustrations that reveal the strange, mutated underbelly of suburbia - all the weird things that are going on beneath the glossy, well-manicured surface! Here's the first four:

I'm not 100% satisfied with what I've got so far. I feel a bit unfocused and like I'm sort of still experimenting stylistically. But it's a start and there are things I like about each piece. I'd like to push things a bit more with the next ones, though.

If you have any critiques or suggestions I would like to hear them!


  1. Hey Kaley! These are grreaat! I especially like the one where the kids are as lifeless as the floaties. Why aren't you satisfied? I can't wait to see your other thesis pieces!

  2. how big are these? acrylic on paper? i think they're really wonderful, actually. they're really hilarious and really sophisticated and the colour is amazing. i think they're really successful. i'm secretly hoping that they're huge because your thesis has to do with study and exposing this lifestyle. i feel it would be appropriate.

  3. Thanks a lot! And yes, they're mainly acrylic and coloured pencil on illustration board. I think the biggest one here is about 18" x 12", so not too huge. I'm not quite ambitious enough to make a bunch of giant illustrations - maybe one day!