Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today's life model painting. Gouache and coloured pencils on mylar!


  1. Hi Kaley
    My name is Wade, I have no idea if you remember me but we met on a website called doodledude (I think...) and used to chat on MSN when we were wee teenagers. I was going through some old folders today and found the dragons you drew for me way back when and one thing led to another and I found this blog. Just wanted to say your artwork has blossomed so much and I'm just as inspired by it today as I was years ago when I watched you create it so effortlessly. You're an awesome person and I'm so amazed by your raw talent. Hope life is going well for you, take it easy!

  2. Wade!!!!!
    Whaaaat! Of course I remember you! I actually thought about you just a couple of days ago while I was experiencing a bout of nostalgia for those great drawing board chat rooms and my old internet pals.

    How are you?! If you happen to come back and read this comment, you should totally send me an email.